Dog Walking

Dogs love Out U Go walks!

For your long days at work when Fido needs to go out, Out-U-Go! is there for you…and Fido.

Let’s Walk!

  • Happy Dogs. Exercise is good for the mind. Love is good for the spirit. Grass is good for the bladder.
  • Awesome Care. All Out-U-Go! love is distributed by our awesome sitters who are graduates of Dog Walk University. Each visit is a personalized experience for U and your pup.
  • Easy Peezy Lemon Squeezy. The friendly humans at Out-U-Go! provide flexible scheduling on short notice, making your visits easy to add or cancel.
  • Reduce Your Stress. No need to worry about Fido while you’re at work. OUG! provides low stress high love care during your busy times.

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Dog Walking [dawg waw-king] noun:
To advance or travel on human and canine foot / paw at a moderate speed or pace. Out-U-Go! dog walking consists of one of our dog walkers visiting a dog in her home and taking her out for a walk. Our dog walking service is provided by our professional dog walkers who are graduates of our Dog Walking certification program, otherwise known as Dog Walk U. Dog walking is an excellent alternative to dog day care.